Seat Leon vs New Skoda Octavia – part2

We’re putting the new Skoda Octavia and Seat Leon under the magnifying instrument to see which of them takes full advantage of their common DNA…

You can look up a video on our animation studio website where we compare these 2 models very closely.

Space and practicality

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Front space, rear space, seating flexibility, boot

Anyway, this is where Octavia overwhelms, correct? Indeed, no. Front and center, the Leon really gives somewhat more headroom and its driver’s seat slides back farther than the Octavia’s. The Leon likewise matches the Octavia for inside capacity; every vehicle has not just a helpful cubby before the gearlever that will effectively swallow a cell phone and keys, yet additionally two sizeable cupholders for crockpot hot cocoa and liberal front entryway receptacles.

Move to the back seats and, by and by, Leon ends up as the winner. Its less intensely raked roofline implies there’s more headroom, in addition to there’s a smidgen more space for knees. On the off chance that you’re attempting to press three toward the back, however, there’s little to isolate the two vehicles; both have somewhat of a mound in the floor and a raised center seat for focal travelers to battle with.

The Octavia’s guaranteed winner is its huge boot. We figured out how to squeeze an incredible 10 portable bags into this car’s dark opening, a figure that is on standard with those of a few huge SUVs. Albeit Leon’s count of six looks a piece feeble in the examination, it actually beats the Volkswagen Golf and matches the Ford Focus.

It’s a disgrace that neither one of the vehicles accompanies a level customizable boot floor, however, and there’s no choice but to add one. Subsequently, you need to hurl baggage over a heavy burden lip – somewhat higher on the Leon. Furthermore, when the 60/40 split back seats are collapsed down – an errand made more straightforward by Octavia’s boot-mounted discharge switches – they structure a sizeable move toward the floor of the lengthy burden inlet. Basically, the two vehicles offer convenient ski hatches, through which longer things can be stuck into the back seat space.

Suspension and ride comfort

Go for famous FR trim and your Leon will come fitted with sports suspension. This is clearly expected to assist the vehicle with dashing around corners, as we’ll hit on talk about in the following segment, however it likewise affects ride solace.

You unquestionably will not be flinching each time you hit a channel cover or bring the long course back home to stay away from hindrances, yet you truly do see yourself being bumped around in your seat along even somewhat smooth streets.

In the event that solace is fundamentally important, and it will be too numerous home purchasers, it’s ideal to stay with SE, SE Dynamic or one of the Xcellence manages. You’ll feel potholes and pimples adjusted somewhat better and it’s less restless, as well. Be that as it may, the opponent Skoda Octavia Estate and Toyota Corolla Touring Sports are considerably more graceful.


The game’s suspension fitted to FR models truly assists Leon with radiating on twisty streets. The vehicle goes into twists distinctly with little body lean and, because of loads of grasp, you can help an astounding measure of speed through corners.

To be sure, there aren’t homes in this cost section that trump the Leon for deftness, and it additionally has normally weighted guiding that helps give you the certainty to drive rapidly (when it’s proper to do as such, obviously). OK, it’s no BMW 3 Series Touring, yet it causes the adversary Octavia Estate to feel emphatically wallowy.

The Leon actually handles well when fitted with the milder suspension you get with SE, SE Dynamic and the Xcellence manages, despite the fact that there is a smidgen more body influence through corners and somewhat less grasp, as well.

Buying and owning

Costs, equipment, reliability, safety, and security

The Leon has a higher rundown cost, however, our Target Price markdown thumps two or three thousand pounds off. On the other hand, with no markdown on this specific trim level, the Octavia is really the more costly vehicle of the two to purchase by and large. The Leon additionally clutches a greater amount of its worth following three years and expenses less to support.

The Octavia will be less expensive to guarantee, however, its thrifty 48.5mpg beats Leon’s still-respectable 46.3mpg, as estimated on our painstakingly controlled test course. In spite of this, the Leon will cost a confidential purchaser the least to run. For more than three years, the thing that matters is a significant £2745, and it’s essentially because of its slow devaluation.

This additionally puts Leon at a benefit on the off chance that you’re seeing PCP finance bargain. Also, on the grounds that SE Technology trim is focused on organization vehicle clients, there’s no monetary help from the producer. Purchasers will get a solid store commitment in the event that they decide to back a Leon FR.

Organization vehicle drivers, however, will find the Octavia less expensive to rent and that it brings somewhat lower month-to-month benefit-in-kind assessment installments. The last option descends on its lower list cost; on the grounds that the Leon produces simply 1g/km less CO2 than the Octavia, the two vehicles involve a similar duty section.

The two vehicles are exceptional, with environment control, journey control, and keyless beginning all being fitted as standard. The Leon packs much greater hardware, however, giving a different temperature control zone for back seat inhabitants, as well as metallic paint and surrounding LED inside lighting. The seat doesn’t exactly offer individual choices; past each trim level, nothing remains at this point but to add wellbeing packs that incorporate versatile voyage control, street sign acknowledgment, and, in higher packs, blindspot observing.

Programmed crisis slowing down is standard on the two vehicles, and the Leon got the full five stars when it was tried for wellbeing by Euro NCAP. Nonetheless, a more pinpoint-by-pointing gander at the scores shows that its capacity to shield grown-ups from hurt isn’t exactly a counterpart for the class best. The Octavia hasn’t yet been tried, yet considering that it’s so firmly connected with the Leon, we’d trust it would perform also well.

The two vehicles are excessively new to have been highlighted in the 2020 What Car? Unwavering quality Survey, in spite of the fact that Skoda as a producer completed a noteworthy fifth out of 31 brands, with Seat a mid-table nineteenth.

Our verdict

Indeed, fights come no more firmly battled than this, with both Leon and Octavia getting our most extreme five-star rating. Truly, you truly can’t turn out badly with both of these vehicles, so regardless of whether you hate the victor, you absolutely will not be disheartened.

Thus, the runner-up is… the Skoda Octavia. We love its gutsy yet prudent motor and bedsit-sized boot, also it’s tasteful, and very much constructed inside. Notwithstanding, we can’t disregard the critical cost and PCP hole between it and the Seat Leon, which strikes a superior ride and takes care of equilibrium. With considerably more space inside for individuals and more agreeable taking care of for the driver, it takes a success.

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