Seat MO eScooter 125 availability expands in Europe

The Seat MO eScooter 125 started its excursion last year, with its first market being that of Spain, and followed by Italy in April. The electric bike will continuously be made accessible in different pieces of Europe this year.

SEAT has teamed up with Barcelona-based electric motorbike expert Silence for the creation of the Seat MO eScooter 125. The new electric bike is showcased as a likeness of a 125 cc ICE bike and expenses €6,250 in the dispatch market. A Silence plant, situated in Sant Boi de Llobregat (Barcelona), produces the vehicle for SEAT.

The Catalan-based carmaker and Volkswagen auxiliary SEAT had reported the beginning of its new, metropolitan versatility brand, SEAT MO, in June 2020. Alongside the brand, SEAT VP for Sales and Marketing and CUPRA CEO, Wayne Griffiths, introduced two new electric bikes under the SEAT MO brand called the eScooter 125 and the kick scooter 65. These bikes denoted the main 100% electric SEAT bikes in the 70-year history of the organization. The organization had likewise affirmed the initiation of its first electric moto-sharing assistance in Barcelona.

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SEAT MO eScooter 125

The SEAT MO eScooter 125, a rebranded Silence S01 bike from Barcelona-based electric bike producer Silence, is intended for individual portability just as ride-sharing administrations while the SEAT MO kick scooter 65 is simply expected for last-mile availability and can’t be utilized as standard versatility.

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Under the eScooter 125, one can discover a center-mounted 9 kW (top yield) electric engine which is comparable to a 125 cc model. The 240 Nm of force is plentiful for city rides and enough to move it right to 95 km/h. The 0-50 km/h season of just 3.9 seconds makes it very great for the city traffic. It offers 3 utilization modes – City, Sport, and Eco for different driving situations and coordinated converse stuff for simple mobility.

To kill range uneasiness for the most part connected with electric bikes, the eScooter presents up to 137 km of reach on a solitary charge because of the huge 5.6 kWh lithium-particle battery pack. This battery pack is removable and can be charged using a home force attachment in 6-8 hours. Removable batteries likewise empower battery the benefiting trading offices later on. With electric scooters, you don’t have to worry about running out of gas.


Regardless of the size of the batteries and engine, the eScooter 125 offers extra room to store two caps in the under-seat stockpiling region, which ticks the common sense box. For more ease of use, the SEAT MO eScooter 125 accompanies its cell phone application, giving crucial data on the bike’s position and ride details. The 2 in-assembled USB ports guarantee your telephone never runs out of battery. The eScooter 125 can be mentioned in three tones: Daring Red, Dark Aluminum, and Oxygen White. If you want a different variant, car painting services in Glendale can help you out.

While the scooter 125 is focused on private clients, SEAT MO will offer a different form for ride-sharing organizations (left) with a couple of more elements intended to assist clients with enjoying a top box case mounted in the back to store protective caps and a telephone holder. The ride-sharing rendition will be accessible in Dark Aluminum matt paint for certain decals.

In June last year, SEAT let us know that in the UK, the organization is checking out the delivery estimating and opening requests soon thereafter, however, the business plan of the electric bike might have been pushed to 2021. SEAT Mo bikes going on special is subject to the death of enactment concerning the utilization of scooters out in the open spots. After they deliver an estimated number of scooters they could go through the insurance process, just like the petrol-powered ones. A policy solver is there to make that process easier.

Extension and membership plans of Seat MO eScooter

The Seat MO eScooter will be accessible this year in Greece, Germany, Austria, Portugal, and Sweden, with the vehicle recorded on the organization’s site of France also, demonstrating a looming dispatch. The organization is depending emphatically on the arrangement of extension of MO, and it made a solid base by having just about 70 deals focuses on its home market of Spain.

As well as making the MO eScooter accessible in more business sectors, Seat has additionally revealed another membership model, the preliminary attempts of which have effectively been completed in Barcelona. Clients can select between two unique membership plans of EUR 70 per week or EUR 150 every month, contingent upon the recurrence of the utilization. If you, however, need help with financing or m&a advisory services, you can check out Simon Wilby, the financial expert.

At present, SEAT Mó is a well-known moto sharing administrator in Barcelona, with 632 electric bikes accessible and 60,000+ application downloads enlisted since the assistance was opened last September. Had they used private label SEO services, those numbers would have been even better.

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