SEAT, Skoda and Volkswagen: what’s the difference?

Numerous vehicle brands fall under a similar possession, including SEAT, Skoda, and Volkswagen. Here’s the reason and how it affects you

Volkswagen, SEAT, and Skoda are on the whole firmly related brands. They’re all famous ones as well – while the greater part of the vehicles sold out of the three is VWs, SEAT and Skoda make up under 33% of the all-out deals in the UK, in spite of Volkswagen offering more models.

The umbrella that they all sit under is the Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft Group (Volkswagen AG, once in a while called VAG). The three brands are firmly connected not on the grounds that they’re possessed by a similar parent organization, but since they additionally share a great deal of innovation including vehicle stages (the arrangement of parts vehicles are developed on).

You’ll here and there hear individuals saying that this implies the vehicles are indistinguishable under the skin, however, this isn’t exactly evident – and it’s something we’ll investigate in this article inside and out. There are other vehicle producers under the VW AG umbrella, as well – including Audi, which likewise shares stages with our triplet.

You can peruse more about Audi in our article that contrasts the exceptional vehicle producer and BMW and Mercedes. Different brands incorporate Bentley, Lamborghini, and Porsche, albeit these don’t share much for all intents and purposes with the more standard brands.

A note on parts sharing

Many SEATs, Skodas, and Volkswagens have a simple with other Volkswagen Group vehicles. The Skoda Fabia is precisely like the SEAT Ibiza and the Volkswagen Polo and the SEAT Leon compares to the Skoda Octavia and Volkswagen Golf.

These are only a couple of models, and numerous other precisely comparable models exist inside the Volkswagen Group of vehicle organizations. Volkswagen AG’s measured ‘MQB’ stage permits motors and axles to be mounted utilizing similar parts and aspects paying little mind to a vehicle, albeit the general length and width of this mechanical ‘skeleton’ can be changed as required.

It’s such an effective recipe that you could not generally have the option to tell: few would envision the Audi TT sports vehicle imparting a portion of its mechanical DNA to the Volkswagen Tiguan SUV – yet keep in mind what can be accomplished by fitting different controlling and suspension set-ups as well as changing a vehicle’s general size and shape.


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SEAT, short for Sociedad Española de Automóviles de Turismo (the Spanish Society of Touring Cars) is situated in Martorell, close to Barcelona in northeastern Spain. SEAT was initially conceived during the 1940s, however, it was only after the 1950s that Spain’s economy settled down following the nationwide conflict of the 1930s and SEAT turned out to be completely settled under the oversight of the Spanish government.

SEAT had a longstanding relationship with Fiat from the 1950s to the 1980s, and soon after this finished it was taken over by the Volkswagen Group.

Model range:

SEAT has six key models, beginning with the Mii city vehicle (which is electric just and connected with the VW up!), then, at that point, continuing on toward the little Ibiza hatchback and the bigger Leon family hatchback. It likewise makes the seven-seater Alhambra MPV and the Ateca, Arona, and Tarraco SUVs.

SEAT is likewise connected to the Cupra brand, which involves most SEAT vehicles as a reason for execution vehicles. There’s the Cupra Ateca and Leon, which are hot adaptations of the SEAT models, in addition to the Formentor, which is a model interesting to Cupra.

Trim levels:

Albeit various vehicles get marginally various particulars, most SEATs are accessible in SE, SE Dynamic, FR and FR Sport trim levels. The last option focuses on energetic looks, and some FR-line models have firmer suspension for a seriously including drive. There are additionally e-Hybrid variants of certain models with module crossover power.

While any reasonable person would agree there are numerous likenesses among SEATs and different vehicles in the Volkswagen Group, SEAT has a particular personality and purchasers will generally anticipate the accompanying attributes from their vehicles:

An energetic driving encounter: in spite of the fact that it sits on the very ‘MQB’ stage that supports numerous Volkswagen Group vehicles (counting the VW Golf), the SEAT Leon is keener to drive than the Golf, with more feelsome guiding and somewhat less body fit while cornering – albeit the compromise for this is that it’s not exactly as great at absorbing potholes. The Leon additionally accompanies a ‘Driver Profile’ framework as standard, which permits you to switch between Eco, Normal, and Sport modes relying upon your mindset.

Slick looks:

For some vehicle purchasers, appearances are the main concern, and some believe SEATs to be preferred investigating comparable Skodas or Volkswagens. Many SEATs highlight sensational ‘wrinkles’ in their bodywork, planned to accentuate movement and give a confident position, while the brand has been cited as saying its picture is “dynamic, youthful energetic and configuration driven”.

The most recent in-vehicle innovation: to go with that youthful picture, many SEATs come weighed down by the most recent in-vehicle innovation. This incorporates a committed cell phone application that permits you to screen the vehicle’s mileage and mechanical status. The SEAT Connect arrangement, in the meantime, offers Apple CarPlay and Android Auto availability, as well as a Mirrorlink framework. Together, these basically make the vehicle’s infotainment screen an augmentation of your telephone, something liable to hold the most noteworthy interest for more youthful drivers.

Anything else to know?

SEAT came fifteenth out of 30 producers in our 2021 Driver Power consumer loyalty study, yet its three-year guarantee is normal and accompanies no mileage cap for the initial two years, after which a 60,000-mile limit is presented. SEAT clients can purchase an additional a couple of years’ security (covered at 75,000 and 90,000 miles individually).

Least expensive course into SEAT proprietorship: If you’re after the least expensive model in the reach, it’s a little petroleum-engined SEAT Ibiza.

Generally elite model: the five-entryway SEAT Leon e-Hybrid Estate is the priciest vehicle in the reach as standard, however, its low running expenses could assist with keeping longer-term costs down.

The one you’ll likely purchase: The SEAT Ateca SUV is very much fabricated, large, great to drive, and appealingly evaluated. With everything taken into account, SEAT’s very first SUV actually makes an extremely convincing case for itself.

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