The data with Kaminski and APOEL

APOEL’s transfer planning does not seem to be over as there are thoughts in the team for additional reinforcement in the ace beyond positions in the midfield and possibly in defense. The part with goalkeeper support is of particular interest because it has been a long time since we wrote that especially for Ouzoho there was a skepticism regarding his image so far in the friendlies.
At the moment we are talking, there is no final decision to add a goalkeeper, but it is an issue that is in the back of the minds of the people of APOEL.

The good question is how this will affect the odds in online betting sites.

What seems to have no basis and can not have for various reasons is interesting to Kaminski. We are talking about a great goalkeeper who last year was a player of the year for Blackburn Rovers, a key player in the premiere against Millwall in the Championship and we are mainly talking about a goalkeeper who has a contract until 2022. That is, we are talking about almost insurmountable obstacles this particular goalkeeper at this time and especially when we are talking about a team in Cyprus whose budgets are clearly lower than many other European destinations.
APOEL will carefully consider the issue of a goalkeeper because if it enters the process of acquiring someone, it will have to be better than both of them, which is currently on the roster.

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