The Lions start with a draw, Bocco misses a penalty

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The Premier League match between Business United and Simba ended in a 0-0 draw as the first Premier League match of the 2021/2022 season for both teams.
The 45 minutes of the first half ended in a draw and it seemed difficult for both teams and they had to attack each other.

In the second half, Business strengthened by bringing Stephen Ziga into the attacking zone and Simba to make changes as Mohammed Hussein and Dancun Nyoni came in to replace Kapombe and Bwalya.

The change for both teams failed to bring about a change and in the 55th minute, Ziga hit a low kick that went outside the Lions’ goal.

The Lions continued to make changes in the 58th minute by removing Inonga and Dilunga and replacing them with Peter Banda and Yusuph Muhilu who came in to add to the attack at the gate for Business.

Kassim Mdoe and Ambrose Levocatus Kazilahabi entered the Business side and added strength to the attacking zone from Denis Nkane and Ramadhan Chombo and gave Business life to the front row.

The Business Gate continued to be attacked by the Lions and in the 68th minute the Little Bird gave him the lead after Duncan’s quick start of the ball but he fired a shot high over the Commercial goal.

74 Banda missed a goal after a shot went just outside the Commercial Gate and four minutes later the trade paid off through Kazilahabi who hit the ground and was caught by Manula.

84 minutes Kagere came out and was replaced by Pape Sakho and at the same time Business owned the ball until the 86th minute when they were disqualified.

In the 87th minute, Biashara lost the chance to score and at the same time Sakho wa Simba missed a goal by hitting a ball that went wide.

In the 89th minute, Sakho was fouled in the 18th minute of Business and the referee ordered a penalty kick taken by Bocco and saved by Business goalkeeper Ssetuba.

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