Things Old People Do for Fun

Although “fun” is a term that has a definition, and the concept of “fun” may be the same for all people young and old, what is “fun” is certainly a matter of taste, experience, and maturity.

Although your notion of enjoyment can change drastically as you age There are a few activities that are not permitted for those who are healthy. However, the majority of older people prefer a slow pace and a social element to what they are doing for enjoyment.

Here are some fun things seniors can take part in.

  1. Board Games – It is so easy to find games on the board to pick from, it’s nearly impossible to narrow it to a selection that would please everyone however suffice it to say that board games provide seniors an opportunity to get with their friends to talk or simply enjoy the game! Wordplay games include Bananagrams or Scrabble which are popular choices along with Monopoly or Scattergories which are fast-paced and focused on strategy. It is recommended that you choose a game that has pieces that are simple for everyone to grasp, including those who have difficulty with fine motor skills so that even those who live in an assisted living newport beach center can join in. Choose a game that all of your players are likely to enjoy (one that isn’t too challenging and isn’t too difficult for all who will be playing).
  2. Art/Drawing/Painting – If you’ve never taken out an art pencil or paintbrush to create art, it’s never too for you to give it a go. Many older people over the years have discovered talents they didn’t have time to discover when younger. Grandma Moses, for example, revolutionized the art scene when she began painting in her 70s and 80s to depict her childhood on the farm. After years of art, Paul Cezanne didn’t have any artistic success until the 50s and 60s and the artist Bill Traylor started sketching when he was homeless at the age of 85. He created over 1,000 artworks during his entire life.
  3. Journaling/Writing – There are many things like writing and art that require a mature or even a mature mind or voice in order to communicate something valuable to the rest of humanity. Many well-known, highly successful writers didn’t begin their writing careers until they reached their 60s or beyond, therefore if you’ve never attempted to use pen and paper and write something for others to read, it’s fine. Laura Ingalls Wilder is a famous author who didn’t write her experiences in writing until she reached the age of 65 old. Frank McCourt didn’t record his memories of growing up as poor youth until he reached the age of 66. If you have something to share with you, perhaps it’s time to write it down on paper. You can also journal to yourself, create a blog, or perhaps even publish your work.
  4. Hiking/Nature – As we age, their endurance decreases, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t stop you from taking a hike and enjoying the world of nature and hiking! If you don’t want to push your body beyond its limit, you can set various goals, such as discovering and identifying the plants in your area. If you reside in a region of the world with an animal reservoir, state parks, or even national ones you may want to look for quiet spots on trails where you can sit and observe wildlife. Nature-based settings are a delight regardless of age, and there’s no reason to be exhausted in finding ways to take advantage of them!
  5. TheaterIt doesn’t matter if you take on the role of an actor for an area theater or if you get together with a group of friends to go out for a night of dining and entertainment at a local dinner theatre on a regular basis! You can help the local theater scene by volunteering in lighting and sound or simply by purchasing tickets frequently to go to performances. Theaters are in constant need of help of one type or another, therefore your presence on the screen or within the crowd will be welcomed in the end. Theaters are a wonderful location to experiment with new ideas and socialize with your friends.
  6. Go to the Local Senior Center – Visit your local senior center to find out the entertainment options they offer their customers. The senior center is an excellent opportunity to connect with other people who are in your same age group and have similar interests. You may even choose to eat meals at least once a week for a social gathering or to attend events that are scheduled! Apart from fun activities, some senior centers offer health screenings and other essential services for seniors within their communities. If you possess a particular ability, such as a nursing or nutrition education or a nutrition degree, you may be able to provide your expertise as a source of information to residents of the center as an outlet that will help them stay sharp and keep your skills up to date and contribute something valuable to the local community.
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